Fresh Garbanzo Hummus

18 10 2009


Fresh Green Garbanzo Bean Hummus

Fresh Green Garbanzo Bean Hummus

Introducing the worlds smallest batch of hummus made with nature’s own bubble wrap! That’s right garbanzo beans in the pod pop like bubble wrap and are super fun to shell; almost to a point of absurdity! But what about this claim of the worlds smallest batch of hummus? Well I’m probably exaggerating but it was a tiny amount none-the-less. 

Last weekend the sous chef and I found raw, fresh, in shelled garbanzo (chickpeas) beans at one of the stands at the farmers market.  Having never seen much less cooked with them we decided to make hummus with them.  I asked the folks at the stand and they said you can use them just like normal garbanzo beans so we decided it wasn’t a terrible idea. I bought a red pepper and had intended to make roasted red pepper hummus  but today plans changed. 

I had found a recipe for roasted red pepper hummus online but it called for 16 ounces of garbanzos and I had 1 cup so I turned to the internet for help reconciling my units so I could scale the recipe properly.  In the process I ended up finding recipes specifically for fresh garbanzo bean hummus.  And so we changed tacks.

After we shelled all the beans to the beat of their own ‘pops’ we had 1 cup of beans that we steamed for 20 minutes.  In the mean time I scaled the rest of the recipe to 1/3 of the original amounts and mixed everything in the blender; just waiting for the steamed beans to make it happen!  In they went and on the blender went but it turned out the 1 Tablespoon of olive oil and tahini weren’t enough the hummus. I ended up doubling each of them (2/3rds of the original recipe) and then the texture turned for the better.

Top to Bottom: Fresh Garbanzo Beans In Shell, Shelled Green Garbanzo Beans or Miniature Plant Brains?, Shelled Garbanzos, Steamed Garbazos

Top to Bottom: Fresh Garbanzo Beans In Shell, Miniature Plant Brains, Shelled Garbanzos, Steamed Garbazos

And the result? It was delicious.  A slightly different flavor than normal hummus but tangy none the less.  The main thing was that it looked like guacamole but it  wasn’t.



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