Cooking Creations

Version 1:

I like to cook. I like to create. I like to share.  I hate stuff.

So starting small I hope to log my cooking exploits. It will start small and grow and I have ideas where and how I would like it to grow but for now we shall start small.

Lets see it.

Version 1 – Addendium of Observations from Cooking:

Spring Observations:

Written at a later date

The farmers market changes throughout the year but there was a period of a single week that I missed the market this spring because I was out of town.  Perhaps it was two.  But when I returned to the market what I noticed first was the change in produce.  The roots had disappeared but there wasn’t anything there yet to replace it.  The greens of spring hadn’t been brought to the market and in fact the market was just a bit smaller in size than it had been.  I immediately realized I was actually noticing the change in season not by the number of people at the market, the shorts that were finally showing up, or the slightly more sun we get in spring in Seattle.  I noticed it by the change in produce, by the change in the growing season.  Its something I’ve never noticed so strongly. Grocery stores have never left me with such a feeling of season before.  Sure at different times of the year they carry more or less of a produce product but with the globalization of the food sources the change in season is market more with price than with the absent of a produce product.  Small numbers of cards is much less noticeable than the lack and abundance of certain foods.  It was really cool.


Summer Observations:


This week I realized that all 3-4 meals I am cooking per week in the summer are coming from the farmers market. Not just most of the recipe but the entirety of it. In fact, they are mostly “just” vegetables flavored by some herbs.  Mixed in different ways and different quantities but that is the basis of most of my summer cooking so far.  My reliance on staple items from my pantry has been reduced to 2 or 3 items per week and mostly in the olive oil, butter, and sugar realm.  

But today what hit me was how much cooking so locally that all my ingredients are from the farmers market really made me appreciate cooking from around the world.  All these various regional foods are based on exactly what I am doing: cooking with what is there. That includes the spices or in this case fresh herbs.  It’s a really interesting way that by cooking from my market I actually feel more connected to these other styles of foods.  


This weekd I figured out the light cover over my flourecent lights in my kitchen casts a very hard to get rid of yellow cast to everything; even the auto white balance couldn’t figure it out.  So off comes the cover from the ceiling every time I want to take a photo! This might get a little crazy. Sorry landlord.


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