About Me

So me yeah… well I work in the IT field although my educational background is not IT. I’m mostly self-taught and work in a very small department so I’m constantly getting into things I don’t know about.  In the learning way.  However, this influences my home computer “use”  In the sense that either I want nothing to do with computers when I get home and would like them just to work. Or I’m all fired up and inspired by something I’m doing or seen at work.  Which basically means….

I go through phases of technology love moments.  Which means that this blog may or may not be updated regularly but more likely it will be updated 13 times a day for a period of time and then none for a few weeks.  I started this project log as a way to track my projects for myself but also for the google community.  I use googleand blogs, forums, threads, project pages to ad naseum in my job and in my hobbies so I decide to log my  own for others googling pleasure. 

I often  find it isn’t the final products/projects that are helpful to me but all those one off comments that might not be the answer for what I’m trying to do but send me down the right path. So to that effect I am adding information to the giant pool of experience for others to google and use if they so see fit. 

On other fronts I am quite into photography (both digital and film but currently do mostly digital), music, and writing.  I find my hobbies reflect what kind of energy I am currently carrying with me introspective is music, analytical is writing, and photography sort of falls in between.


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