HTPC Project

I kind of fell into building a home theater pc.  It started by wanting to be able to use my tv as a monitor for music selection but it stopped there for a long while. Than I got a free computer from work that had some unstable video issues that were bad enough for me not to want to use it as my primary computer but fine for a project pc like the media center.  But I still had no way to get the signal into our old TV until Dell ran a special and I acquired a 24″ LCD TV with VGA input for around $80.  Now we are off, running, and configuring a media center pc based on a fairly crappy 16 MB video card but it works great!


  • Low Cost
  • Reuse things I have
  • Play music on my stereo with a menu on the TV; local media for now
  • Bonus Goal: To be able to play Hulu, YouTube, etc on it as well

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