Bat Phone – The Phone Itself

25 10 2012

Well I got the device working (not sure if I updated that yet or not) still some more tweaking to do but the autodialing feature etc is working. So now what is left is the ‘cool-ness’ factor phone.  I’ve looked around and not found anything to my liking until today….

This is a TARDIS phone the problem is I can only find it in the UK and isn’t cheap and the reviews aren’t stellar.  So I kept poking around and found this:

Yes this is a cookie jar but since all I need is on / off hook switch and a handset I am going to try and transform this into a phone! It has a removable liner that hopefully I can cut off some of the top and allow a small space below the liner and make that a pressure activate switch for the phone circuit.  The idea would be for the phone while in the jar to register as on hook and when out of the jar to register as off hook.  Right now I think I’m going to try and steal old parts from other phones…

We will see how this goes or if it just gets deployed with a normal phone. That would be sad but better than not being deployed at all.


Bat Phone – A Hitch in My Giddy Up

11 10 2012

My Grandstream 701 arrived today! YAY.  And in 5 minutes I had the credentials put in and was making phone calls manually. Sadly the off hook dial action didn’t work as hoped.  I’m thinking it wants an ‘internal’ extension rather than a 10 digit number.  So I’ll see what I can see in the device or if I have to change SIP providers somehow or use a different nomenclature. Next up….