Step 3.3 – Successful/Correct Register with AllStarLink

22 10 2012

Well those forum emails did me in!

Somehow I wasn’t registered again with the AllStarLink sometime today? Anyway, got home logged in as root on the serial cable and typed in:


And sure enough up came the node setup script! Easy-Peasy (how do you actually spell that?!).  The biggest thing that I didn’t realize but luckily had already setup is in the node information on the AllStarLink Portal the settings for the Server on the Network Configuration tab that read:

hostname and type are in fact for your local server (ie – beagleboard). Luckily for me I had already put in the same hostname I was using and DHCP was already set so when I ran nodesetup and it downloaded those settings it didn’t change anything. Excellent!

So now supposedly I can use the portal to configure the AllStarNode.  I think my next step is to locate and explore the scripts that are clearly included in pickle linux (along with Limey and ACID I presume) to see what other options are out there.  Of course I’ll post what I find.




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