Step 3.3 – No Idea What I Did….

22 10 2012

Well I was looking for those other scripts and found how to locate the ‘nodesetup’ command.  I rand:

whereis nodesetup

and it told me it lived in:

nodesetup: /usr/local/sbin

So I hopped over there and found the following executable options:

  1. firsttime
  2. modconfig
  3. netsetup
  4. nodesetup
  5. poff
  6. pon
  7. savenode
  8. sethost
  9. svast

Everything but poff, pon, and svast seemed to make some sense. Poff and pon seemed to start and stop something… so I’ll avoid them… but svast couldn’t make head or tails of it.  So I ran it thinking there would be some user interaction that I could bail on..Well I was wrong.

The thing ran, and ran and ran and extracted files …. I have no idea what it did.

UPDATE: I know what it did now. It looks like it tar’ed and gziped a boatload of files on the node.  I checked the file output and the creation time is when I expected (about 15 minutes ago).  So I didn’t harm anything. In fact I might just have made a backup of my entire important system? I’m still not sure what svast stands for.

I expect ast = asterisk so what is sv. Still unclear but feeling better about not screwing up or replacing a boatload of files I just created.




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