Mailing List References

22 10 2012

Ok it is time to regroup….

So for all of us (me included) who want to build an AllStar Node the references are scattered.

Tonight I found the mailing list archives @:

But there isn’t an easy search.
So I followed these directions:
To get the whole list into Thunberbird to view, sort, and search.
As I’m on Windows I did:
1) Download all the monthly .gz files
2) Bulk un .gzip them into a single folder
3) TRICKY PART: Renamed each *.txt file to *.ck file because as it turns out the .txt files at this point are still containers that need extracting!
4) Bulk extracted the .ck files into another folder
5) navigated down the entire file path to the folder that has all the TRUE *.txt files in it
6) Ran “copy *.txt  bigtextfile.txt”
7) THEN followed the directions in how to import them into Thunderbird (NOTE ABOUT THUNDERBIRD — you have to setup one email account in Thunderbird for the proper folders to show up to follow those directions)
More or less this gives me a place to search when I have a specific question.  So far I searched and sorted by any post that has the work Beagleboard in it.  What that gave me was a set of commands that I wasn’t aware of to run.  Not all the answers but a lot more questions when they are appropriate.  At this point I *think* I’ve discovered the script I need to run to configure the node and do all this registration, etc that I’ve been trying to manually do. So that one thing if it pans out is worth it!



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