Step 3.2 – Register with the AllStarLink Network

21 10 2012

So I am hoping that if I can register with the AllStarNetwork some of my configuration can be done via their webpage.  So I found this page on their FAQ:

And made the changes using the following commands:

cd /etc/asterisk

pico iax.conf

Scrolled down to the line about registration and edited it to read:

Ctrl-O to “Output file” or better known as Save

it asks for the file name I left the default of iax.conf since I wanted to overwrite it.

Hit enter


Ctrl-X to exit

Now I have to restart the asterisks service…Google anyone?

Didn’t find it right away so I did what any Windows guy would do: reboot.

I issued the command “reboot -n”

I logged back in and I honestly have no idea to know if the registration worked or not….

So the other post on the FAQ about Allstar Link How-To talked about how to configure publishing my node stats online.  I want to enable this to basically see if it will help me determine what is going on!

This post:

I looked at the two options (For ACID vs Limey Linux) and the only difference appears to the be location of the command ‘wget’ I used cd and ls to determine in pickle it is located at the same location as ACID.

so I ran pico /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf (which essentially is the file the allstarnode website edits and creates and downloads for you)

I changed the line that said [9999] CHange this to your node number (so I did)

And then I scrolled down to the section that says

*** Stauts Reporting ***

And uncommented (deleted the  semi-colons at he beginning of the 2 lines) the 2 lines under ACID.

Ctrl-O to save again and then rebooted again.

My status page still says nothing. Oh well for now. I think I need to stop working on this for a while because my partner and I are leaving the house soon.

UPDATE: I edited out the A at the begining of the node number for the registration page.  Just to see if it changed anything. Doesn’t appear to but I also suspect I need to get the ports working for the admin tool webpage to work as well.

UPDATE 2: WAIT! I now appear on the node page for allstar. So I think it worked! Ok now maybe I can work on the configuration from the web page. Of course I also need to get a radio hooked up to the LOX board to even start testing….

UPDATE 3:  I read some more documentation that did say the A in front of the node number was needed so I changed it back.  I also found what ports need to be open for AllStar which is 4569 UDP per this article:

So I went ahead and created a port forward for my device with  4569 (I’m using a Buffalo Router with dd-wrt as the firmware (not the stock firmware) and it is behind a cable modem that is NOT a router. So I’m singled NATed).

I’m hoping this will allow me to use the web interface now to make changes ::fingers crossed::




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