Step 3.1 – Initial Linux Configuration

21 10 2012

So now that I have console I logged in using the default user name / password (root / pickle) and it to told me it was my first time logging in and did I want to run the first time login script and change some things. I said yes and the first thing it did was ask me to change my password. So I typed in a password…. and it wouldn’t take it.

passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

Over and over.  One thing indicated the drive was mounted read only and since I know the microSD card was physically writable (its how I got the image on their in the first place) I did what any Windows man would do: reboot! And sure enough this time it worked fine.

So I reset the root password, changed the hostname, and set it to DHCP for IP addressing.

Rebooted and logged back in…. and now…..

I have a console session and no idea what to do next. So at this point I’m poking through the file system to see if I can find a script a place to bind it to the allstar network so I can use the web to configure some of it….

But I’m in.




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