Step 2 – Getting Pickle Linux Booting – Attempt 2.5

21 10 2012


So today I mounted the BeagleBoard-xm to the LOX board. It was quite the adventure in dexterity.  Nothing complicated just the screws and mounting hardware kept moving around.

Once I got that all done I plugged in the 12 V power supply to the LOX board and it powered the Beagleboard-xm successfully.  IRonically all that work I did trying to get the exact 5V to test the BeagleBoard were moot in the long run because the folks that make the LOX board put a voltage regulator on the LOX board that accepts 6-40 volts! GOOD WORK GUYS!

The next portion of getting the board officially booted was to get a console session.  According to the pickle linux site that is a matter of using PuTTY and a straight through serial cable.  Long story short is it took me 3 trips to work to find a straight through serial cable to work but setting PuTTY up with the following configuration gave me a console login!

PuTTY Config

That fired up and I saw a Login! BOOT SUCCESS!




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