Step 2 – Getting Pickle Linux Booting – Attempt 2.3

19 10 2012

Linux Time!

I don’t mind linux and enjoy using it I was just trying to avoid having to create a whole linux environment that I don’t have handy.  Most of my linux playing is done in virtual machines (because I’m lazy) but I wasn’t having much luck/ease getting my setup to pass the whole SD card and not just the partitioned sections.  So I decided the easiest way was going to be a hardware based solution.  I decided a copy of a live CD that includes dd is really all I need so I downloaded the most recent version of Knoppix 7.0.

While waiting for the almost hour long download to happen (thanks free mirrors!) my power blinked and so my download stopped and I had to start over.  Opps.  So I got the Knoppix CD downloaded and burnt to a CD and booted in.  It took me a while to figure out if the OS was seeing the SD card but it was.  So I copied the pickle-current.img to a USB stick and started the dd command… and it was running…for a good 15 minutes…. and the laptop just died.  Turns out I mixed up the cables and it wasn’t plugged in. D’oh!

So I’m rebooting the machine now and I will write down the commands I used on this page while I do it all over!

  1. Boot Knoppix 7.0
  2. Open a terminal window (live cd = always running as root = easier!)
  3. run “df -h” to see what the USB stick had mounted as (/media/sdc1 in my case)
  4. “fdisk -l” to identify the SD card ( /dev/sde in this case now) — I can tell by size and that it tells me there is no valid partition table on it :)
  5. “cd /media/sdc1” (to get into the directory of hte pickle-current.img file)
  6. “ls” (to make sure i can see the pickle-current.img file)
  7. “dd bs=4M if=pickle-current.img of=/dev/sde” — This does the actual copy (see this link for where I pulled all this info from)

And now the lights on the card reader are blinking, dd appears to be doing nothing, and the laptop is plugged in. Hope this time. Hope.

As much as I would like to stay up and see this through tonight I am going to go to sleep.  I’ll take the card out tomorrow morning and see if it boots. Here is hoping!

UPDATE: It finished right as I was heading to bed but sadly… it didn’t boot either. Now I’m suspecting a bad download or incomplete .img file. It could still be me not using the dd command correctly but that is alot of different imaging methods to fail.  So I’ll start the pickle image download again right now and let it run over night.

UPDATE 2: OR Maybe I mis-understood and expected to see something via the HDMI out when I actually need to be looking at the serial port for the console session.  I brought some serial cable’s home to try and make sure they are straight throughs.  If they are then I’ll go ahead and try that tomorrow.  It is entirely possible that the image has worked every time and I’m looking for the wrong outut. Entirely possible!




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