Step 2 – Getting Pickle Linux Booting – Attempt 2.1

10 10 2012

Ok so Pickle Linux didn’t boot. Right now I have 3 candidates to check:

1) Card Incompatible — It is a Kensington N0043-012.A00LF card — I found this thread on the internet that indicates that their BeagleBoard came with a Kensington card s0 this isn’t the top of my list. Both cards are 4GB SDHC Kensington cards so I think this should be good.

2) Power Supply Issue — I read somewhere that things might not boot if using the USB OTG power supply. So right now this is my first thing to change.  Once I can get the board to boot with their test OS then I will try Pickle Linux again.  I’m 50/50 as to whether or not this is the ONLY issue I am having.

3) Image on SD Card is Incorrect — It is possible the utility I picked to write the pickle-current.img to the card didn’t do it write. Didn’t set some boot flag that the ‘dd’ utility does, etc.  This is the other half of my likely candidate. If the power supply doesn’t let it boot this is the next place I’m going to look.

UPDATE: With the new Creative Labs 1.5amp powersupply that will boot the test image I’m ruling out Power Supply as the issue. It still just shows 1 green light when the proper power is applied.  Now I’m onto theory #3 which is the image on the card isn’t correct or I didn’t do something correct to get it booting.  More on that in the next post….. Attempt 2.2!




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