Step 2 – Getting Pickle Linux Booting – Attempt 1

10 10 2012

The next big step is to get Pickle Linux loaded onto an SD card and booting on the BeagleBoard-xm.  According to the PickleJar website this should be as simple as extracting the pickle.img image and writing to a microSD card. They recommend I use the ‘dd’ tool in Linux to do this task. Well I mostly have Windows hardware boxes around the house and run my Linux boxes in virtual machines. None of those virtual machines have SD card readers attached to them and I’m not sure how Windows Host OS would pass a potentially unformatted and therefore no drive letter SD device to the virtual machine. So I decided to avoid that path.  I started to work on making a Linux box with a live CD and then re-googled how to do it on Windows.

I found the Image Writer for Windows project . I downloaded the Unzipped it and installed the win32DiskImager application.

I then opened the pickle.gz file with 7-zip and ended up with a file “pickle-current” without an extension on it. I renamed it “pickle-current.img”. Opened win32diskimager, selected the “pickle-current.img” image to write and the drive E: that the SD card was on my computer. Agreed to wipe everything from the card and it took a good long 20 minutes to write the image. It claimed it was successful.  GREAT!

I plopped the card into the BeagleBoard-xm and rebooted….. nothing. Well 1 of 3 LEDs came on and nothing was on the screen. When the included SD card at least booted I had 3 LEDs on.  1 in the corner and 2 right about the SD card. In this case I only got the power one.  I called it quits and went to bed.




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