Step 1 – Get a Successful Boot

10 10 2012

Well the first thing I wanted to do was to get the BeagleBoard-xm to boot into it’s test OS successfully. From there I will add on parts and software etc.

So I plugged in the HDMI to DVI adaptor, plugged in the USB OTG Connector for power and let it rip….. and it gave me a:

“Kernel Panic Error —  ”

Well that didn’t work. I started to entertain the idea that maybe the board was bad but a quick search to Google let me know in fact most likely was my attempt to power it the OTG USB port. Opps.  So I found 2 surplus wall warts at work today that I will try when I get home:

1) D-Link Model Number: AF0605-B — 5v @ 1.2 A — Not quite as high power as I would like but to start it should do. Also I think the barrel connector on it looks like it might be close enough to fit (the dimension for the barrel connector should be 5mm OD and 2.1 mm inner diameter I think). The supply also is pretty small compact and 2 pronged (which is good for my apartment).

2) 2Wire  Part Number GPUSW0512000GD1S — 5.1V @ 2A — Enough power, slightly too much voltage (probably doesn’t matter but I’m not sure) but the barrel connector looks too small to me.  I would have to change the barrel adaptor.

Hopefully this will get the test OS to boot up properly.

UPDATE: Neither Power supply worked (out of the box). The D-Link’s barrel was just about perfect but it put out 6.x V of DC and the board will only tolerate between 4.8-5.2.  The 2Wire barrel will not fit but it also put out 5.3 V DC.  I can’t probably make these work or find a different one but for now. Back to the drawing board.

UPDATE 2: I decided to try the 2Wire power supply just to see if it worked with a loose barrel connector. And low and behold it did! Well it didn’t over voltage at least. The connect from the power supply to the board was finicky so it would keep rebooting. So if I can get a good barrel connector or frankenstein both of them to make 1 it should work.  I got it to boot long enough to return a USB error with either the mouse or the keyboard I have plugged it.  Farther than before!

UPDATE 3: “More Succesful but not Success”  I called my buddy who got me into ham radio to ask how I could knock down the voltage of some of these power supplies to my needed 4.8v to 5.2v.  After a long conversation he pointed me to a +5v Regulator. Best I can tell it will take any voltage over 5V and under 12V and make it a 5V signal. PERFECT! So I headed over to Radio Shack and picked up two of these:

+5V Fixed-Voltage Regulator 7805

I then proceeded to cut the barrel connector off of the D-Link power supply and insert 1 voltage regulator between the power supply and the barrel connector on a bread board I bought for another project long ago that I never finished/did.  And violia! On the multimeter it read 4.96 V! Perfect! I took it home and plugged it in and…

It cyclically rebooted.  :/ I read some more and this indicates the power supply isn’t a high enough amperage for boot… well this voltage regulator was rated at 1 amp.  Not enough :/ So I asked my buddy if I could put the 2nd on in parallel and he sort of said ‘you can try but it probably will not work’.  Well I tried and sure enough it didn’t work. Just a read light on the board again. Sigh.

So my partner ordered a recommended power supply off of Amazon. We are awaiting the arrival.

UPDATE 4:  COMPLETE SUCCESS!!!! I dug through old power supplies at work again and found my own old Creative Labs power supply (Model TESAA9B-0501800-A) for an mp3 player I used to have. It was rated at 5V @ 1.5 amps.  The barrel connector was to small but I used the breadboard setup to essentially change the barrel size. Once I did that I put the power to the board.  The lights flashed. They didn’t seem to recycle. And I switched the monitor to DVI input and I could see it booting! Then it switched into the full GUI mode. I plugged in a mouse and was able to move about.  SWEET SUCCESS!

Here are photos of the bread board setup for the current power supply to the correct barrel connector via  bread board as well as the power supply I ended up using:

Bread Board Barrel Adaptor Setup

Creative Labs Power Supply



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