Archlinux UPnP Renderer Build

10 06 2012

So I did manage to get a UPnP Reneder built on Arch Linux.  It worked great but I didn’t use it much since I moved.  I realized I hadn’t posted all the details.  Well this isn’t a pretty write-up but here are my raw “notes” to essentially install Arch Linux on an old laptop and get the coherence package to create a working UPnP Renderer that was headless.  The hardware I used was a Dell Latitude D505.  I used hardwired ethernet. Ironically I forgot what the root password was I used so I tried to get back in to change things and it didn’t work :/ It still currently exists but I don’t use it much. With no warranty and as is here are my notes on how to install Arch Linux and Configure Coherence package on a machine to create a standalone headless linux based UPnP renderer…


ArchLinux Install – 487.57 MB

disk Management – Used Auto preparfe and accepted all the defaults

Select Packages – base & base-devel – nothing else

Do you want to use the network settings from thej installer in rc.conf and resolv.conf? – Yes

/etc/rc.conf –

Added MOD_AUTOLOAD= “yes”

Network – Commented out the 4 lintes and had

use interface=eth0 rest blank

/etc/fstab – no change

/etc/hosts.allow – added /etc/hosts.allow – SSH

/etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist  – uncoment the first http in the US and the first in all

Install GRUB (no change to the config file) to /dev/sda


login as root and run dhcpcd (not sure why this isn’t working)

User SEtup

useradd -m -G users,audio,lp,optical,storage,video,wheel,power -s /bin/bash coherence
passwd XXXXXXX

Login as coherence

add new user with music group

OS Configuration

Sound Enabling – as root

pacman -Sy alsa-utils


Unmute Master and PCM, Master Mono (hit m) and raised them to “56”

Save Settings

alsactl -f /var/lib/alsa/asound.state store

File: /etc/rc.conf
DAEMONS=(... @alsa ...)

GStreamer Install –

pacman -S gstreamer0.10-plugins

Tested as my service account with:

gst-launch-0.10 -v fakesrc num_buffers=5 ! fakesink
Install pacman -Sy gstreamer0.1-python (HIDDEN IMPORTANT!)

Install Yaourt (

Server =$arch

to /etc/pacman.conf, and run:

pacman -Sy yaourt

Coherence Install

yaourt coherence

list options I picked #1 – no svn

used yaourt -f coherence

Yaourt will ask a bunch of questions. If it finds a package that is unsupported by Arch, it will ask you if you want to edit the PKGBUILD. You can safely say No to these questions, but you should say Yes to any question where it asks if you wish to proceed or continue with installation.”

Configuration Coherence

edit /etc/coherence.conf

DOESN’T WORK as non-root user for the moment. but the build is good.

SIZE @ This point: 1.2 GB system, 500 MB user = 1.7 GB total

Enable coherence daemon in /etc/rc.conf (…. coherence…)


workedon test machine


If dhcp works using the steps above but not at boot, add the following to /etc/rc.local

dhcpcd -k eth0
dhcpcd -nd eth0
Shutdown timer
shutodwn -s 360 & in /etc/rc.local




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