Step 1 – Button Mapping

12 12 2010

The first thing I need to do is to map the key outputs from the buttons on the front of the AudioTron. Both the keys to the left of the screen and the knob to the right use a Flex Cable connector so getting directly at the pins with the multimeter would be tricky at best.

Tools / Prototyping Bits

I wanted to make testing the buttons as simply as possible so I found so FlexCable to breadboard adapters made by Technological Arts. They were the only brand I could find and could only find them being sold on their site and  I eventually settled on as my supplier because they sold those adapters and a few others even though the shipping and handling was a bit steep.  Anyway, so I’ve ordered:

830 Tie Breadboard – Since I don’t actually own one right now. Sad isn’t it.

14 pin IDE Cable to Breadboard Adapter – For the LCD screen connection which is a 14 pin IDE cable.

16 pin Flex Cable to Breadboard Adapter – For the knob controls (which also house a IR reciever of some sort)

24 pin Flex Cable to Breadboard Adapter – For the main button and LED’s panel

Male Breadboard Pin to IC Hooks – These will allow me to easily grasp my multimeter probe and then move them around the breadboard. Since that is pretty much what this entire phase the project is about I decided it was worth the few dollars for them.

Right now I am waiting for the parts to show up and then I can start mapping the buttons, LED, and IR receiver pins.




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