Case Migration – Chenbro ES34069

21 06 2010

The day was finally here! I decided that due to reworking my living space it was worth it to officially buy the Chenbro ES34169 case.

Chenbro ES34069 Dreamy Case

Chenbro ES34069 Dreamy Case

That’s a lovely stock photo and perhaps I’ll get a photo of my build up there, but the key to that photo is that it is 5″x10″x10″. TINY for 4 full hot swappable drives and 1 2.5″ PATA space.  I had already speced out my parts I was using in a hope to one day upgrade to the Chenbro case I sought after so I was theoretically ready to go to just move my parts.

And it worked! On the first boot of the new case install everything came up and worked correctly. It was awesome! Many sites by this point have gone over the Chenbro case but here are a few starter things for folks who might have just stumbled across this:

1) The case is tight! To pack everything in there isn’t a lot of space for cables. For example my IDE cable for the 2.5″ PATA OS drive pretty much takes up an entire corner to wrap it around and into.

2) The case isn’t difficult to get apart but it isn’t intuitive either: read the directions.  Getting the bezel off is the hardest part and I found once I could hing it 15 degrees (as the pdf directions tell me to do) I could actually get to the tabs from the front side of the bezel with a small flat head screw driver and push them down to release.  I got one undone by the published directions (I had to google for them under “Chenbro ES34069 manual”) and then the second one I could get to release by the screwdriver method.  I’m not sure if you can do both with the screwdriver from the start but I don’t see why not.  Give it a shot.

3) Sadly the case has more fancy lights than my motherboard has headers. This isn’t a big deal but I get the standard 2 lights on the front: Power and HDD Activity. No separate lights for each NIC or a fault light.  It’s really okay as I’m sharing a bedroom with it :)

Over the next few days I’m going to try to put together a case study for the energy savings of my setup.



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