Sous Chef Reports: What’s Been Cookin’

1 05 2010

We've been eating, I swear!

Clockwise, starting with the top left:

1) chocolate rhubarb bread with pear

2) curried potato-corn burgers with avocado mango salsa

3) smoked salmon (fresh from the farmer’s market!) pot pie gloriously using up leftover fiddleheads, carrots, potatos, and with lots of dill

4) bacon, avocado & tomato sandwich; spread made of cream cheese, shredded goat cheddar and fresh garlic; toasted up like a grilled cheese

5) poached eggs on toast with avocado and tomato slices

6) lime yogurt cake, sprinkled with powdered sugar

7) sweet potatos, tomatillos, refried beans and salsa in a delicious tortilla!

8) the beginnings of a soup using purple cabbage, potatos, andoille sausage from the farmer’s market…DELICIOUS.

The Chef is once again out of town. It is my hope that he’ll put up some posts soon regarding the 1950’s bike repair project, but also – if you see him – ask him about his lemon basil iron chef adventure! If only I had access to the sorbet in the freezer at his apartment….!




One response

20 05 2010
Meg Vanaski

Ok, that chocolate rhubarb bread with pear looks amazing for grazing!! You should organize a book of your recipes and sell it ; )

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