Sprouts (Reprise) and Baked Ozettes

4 02 2010

A tiny green forest inside.

The Chef isn’t really a fan of brussell sprouts, and who can blame him? They are a totally unpopular vegetable. I myself had never eaten a single sprout until I moved to Seattle. But, it’s all about preparation, and after this post, the Chef mentioned he could probably get behind trying sprouts prepared this way – with a crap-ton of butter and, this time, BACON.

Ready for baking, just add olive oil.

Since I knew that I was going to be loading on the butter and olive oil when I sauteed the brussell sprouts, I decided against frying these ozettes, choosing instead to bake them with some garlic chunks, drizzled with olive oil. I’m solidly pleased with that choice – it took only 25 minutes (in a 350 degree oven) for these to be completely done and delicious.

Behold! The glory of the fresh bacon!

GUYS FOR REAL. I finally caved and bought fresh bacon from the farmer’s market – Sea Breeze Farms has their usual meat counter, and they had the bacon hanging from an honest-to-god meat hook. They cut their slices THICK, so half a pound of bacon was a grand total of 4 slices, and set me back nine bucks. I don’t even regret it.

We’ve reached the point in the cooking adventure wherein I ran to Facebook and said: “This is not your usual bacon. Calling for backup.” I’m a total newbie when it comes to cooking regular bacon from the store – the thin, cheap kind. Either it’s been cooked FOR me or it’s been cooked in between layers of paper towels in the microwave.  (Midwest holla!) So cooking this thick-cut bacon was seriously like trying to fry up a steak. Eventually I didn’t know if I’d be able to tell when it was done or if I’d burn it, so I pulled it off the stove and texted the Chef for backup. Half of it we chopped up and mixed with the sprouts on the stove, and we each took one of the remaining two pieces to eat alone.

My spiraly pink plate is pretty awesome, right?!

OVERALL: Satisfactory meal. The sprouts were not as mindblowing as the first time I made them, which was disappointing considering I was trying to sell the Chef on this vegetable. Where I fell short this time around was that, upon reading the recipe, I realized it was meant for a pound and a half of sprouts. And while I was not sure how much I had, I knew I didn’t have THAT much, so I cut out some of the olive oil and butter. I also cooked the sprouts too hot in the olive oil, and they were browned way before they should have been.  Still, they were tasty – just not AWESOME.

The potatoes were excellent – could have used a wee more salt. Unfortunately we did end up burning the bacon.  So, I’ll probably do all of these things again, but next time I’ll be sure to give the cooking the care and attention it needs.




2 responses

4 02 2010

Give it the attention it deserves which DOESN’T include going to FaceBook for a quick status update hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

4 02 2010

SNAP DUDE. i got served.

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