Christmas Ham Leftovers Pt II – Country Ham and Cornbread Casserole

31 12 2009
Ham Corn Casserole

Ham Corn Casserole (Photo Autoleveled)

There is nothing more appropriate to ring out the old year than a cornbread casserole? Why do my 4’s of readers ask? Because this blog’s first food related entry (and the last of last year) was 1/2 about cornbread so it bring us all full circle together.  It wasn’t planned and I didn’t even think about when I found this recipe on Sunday but when Thursday came around I knew it was the overly dramatic RightThingTM to make that evening.

We omitted the peppers and the cheese and ended up with as expected semi-dry cornbread like crumbled with ham in it. At first this was to dry and had to many onion bits in it for me to like. However, after melting some butter into it (just like my normal corn bread ritual) it was actually really good and I was surprised.  A great way to use some leftover ham and to start a new year.




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