Swedish Christmas Ham – Stucco Style

27 12 2009
Swedish Christmas Ham with Stucco Croutons

Swedish Christmas Ham with Stucco Croutons

This was one recipe I can’t figure out. Either the cook book printed it wrong, I don’t understand the word glaze, they don’t understand the word brush, or I really, really, really missed something.  We used a smoked ham from the store as our base and I cooked it according to the directions that came with the ham instead of the recipe since the recipe mostly differed at the glaze part. And it is the glaze part that went terrible confusing.

The directions were simple: mix all glaze ingredients together and brush on the ham and cook some more.  Ok fine. No problem. I mixed everything together and it ended up the consistency of spackle and/or stucco.  There was no way to brush this mixture no matter how hard I tired.  I figured I must have done something wrong so I double and triple checked the ingredients list with what I used and it was dead on.  I had the sous chef check the ingredients. As best I can tell it all matched up.  I just starred.  So I watered it down with some water run through the mustard bottle until it was at least a wet mixture; around the consistency of chocolate chip cookie dough before you add the flour.  It still wasn’t brush-able by my standards nor a glad but I was a bit to concerned to take it farther towards a liquid.  I wishfully hoped it would melt some in the oven so I spackled it onto the ham the best I could before I cooked it for another 15 minutes or so.

No dice.  The stucco just hardened some and got a crisp; now I had ham croutons.   I served it up and everyone loved the ham and seemed to really like the croutons too so it wasn’t a disaster but it certainly was no match to the picture in the cookbook. I have no idea what I missed or the cook book missed but this was certainly one recipe that I didn’t master as written.

"Glazing" the ham with the "stucco" glaze

"Glazing" the ham with the "stucco" glaze




One response

31 12 2009

I LOVED it. Seriously. After the slight modifications you made to make it supple enough to apply I think it was magical. You did an excellent job. I’m totally going to try making it. :D

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