Rum Poached Pear and Hazelnut Tart

25 12 2009
Rum Poached Pear Tart still in the tart pan

Unglazed Rum Poached Pear Tart still in the tart pan

After a very successful pear hazelnut tart we made in October the sous chef wanted to do it again so we were planning on making it for Christmas day dinner with a friend of ours.  The only problem was that we didn’t have any white wine and it was Christmas day so shopping was out of the question.  We had planned to use some leftover red wine to poach the pears in but instead use some spiced rum! I have no idea if it tasted that different but the smell was incredible in the apartment while the pears were poaching.

The other unexpected ‘suprise’ in regards to making this tart was that we don’t own a tart pan. The past ‘tart’s we’ve made I did in pie pans in a way that allowed me to life them out and serve them sort of like a tart.  This worked fine and was our plan again until the sous chef opened her Christmas gifts and low and behold an 11″ tart pan appeared out one of the wrapping paper bundles!  Let me repeat the important part of that story – 11″.  That is one HUGE tart pan!

As the recipe made an 8″ or 9″ tart I have to 1.5 times the crust dough and the filling to make sure we had enough.  The filling was no problem but the tart crust this time around was very sticky and I difficult to roll out into 1/8″ sheet.  I think part of that was because we used margarine for the crust and partially because how much bigger I had to roll the dough out to get to 11″ inches.  Either way it was a bit rough but once I got it into the tart pan and patched the ripped spots with leftover dough the tart cooking and tasting went perfectly fine.  The above picture is before we glazed it with melted apricot jam; which sealed the fruit in and gaze it a shiny appearance.  And the picture below is showing the beautiful crinkly crust edge the fancy new tart pan gave us; a bit of a step up in looks from the pie pan tarts I was making but totally equal in taste.

Tart Crust Close Up

Tart Crust Close Up



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