St. Lucia Bread

23 12 2009
St. Lucia Bread

St. Lucia Bread

According to our Scandinavian Cookbook these breads come to us from a Swedish tradition on the feast of St. Lucia involving daughters and saffron bread. I claim no real knowledge of how St. Lucia’s feast day is celebrated in Sweden but I do have some experience with bread and these certainly fall into the tasty category and not terribly difficult to make either.

Anyway, its a standard mix dry and wet ingredients separately and then together to make a dough.  In this case the main difference was the dry ingredients had raisins in it and the wet ingredients were infused with 1/8 ounce of saffron; or in my case however much I put in till I stopped because I didn’t know how much saffron I had… about 2 big pinches of it.  I think I should have used more but I didn’t.  Anyway, once it was all mixed and kneaded into a dough it got to rise for an hour before the dough was divided into 22 parts and rolled and twisted into the “S” shape of the finished bread/roll product.  The kicker to that? Each end of the ‘S’ got its own special raisin placed in it before it was rolled. Awwwwww………

Preping the Bread: kneeding, dough after rising, rolling out the spirals, finished "S" dough

Prepping the Bread: kneading, dough after rising, rolling out the spirals, finished "S" dough

One they were all rolled out we let them rise for another 30 minutes and then did an egg wash on them. They went into the oven for 25 minutes and they came out looking BEAUTIFUL!

Baking Sheet Full of St. Lucia Saffron Rolls

Baking Sheet Full of St. Lucia Saffron Rolls

In this case let their looks deceive you as they tasted just as good or better than they looked.




2 responses

28 12 2009

There’s an italian celebration of St. Lucia as well (well, pretty sure this is a Catholic celebration), but we did not have that tasty looking bread! YUM! It looks very pretty, too!

: )

31 12 2009

It was soooo good! You guys are awesome for making these.

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