Taco Serving Adventure

16 12 2009
Taco Tray Salad

Taco Tray Salad

There isn’t anything special about what we put in the tacos. In facts its just taco powder, ground beef, diced roma tomatoes, spinach and some ground up cheese. Oh and some lovely canned re-fried beans. BUT that doesn’t mean they have to be served like good old fashion American grocery store tacos. No siry!  We bought Taco Trays! For when you want a beautiful taco salad but Tostado shell are to voluminousness for your taste you can turn to Taco Trays to save the day.  Holding a mere 2 tacos worth of filling (instead of the 12 of a tostada bowl) its easy to impress your guests with beautiful taco salads displayed on single bed of taco shell shaped into a shallow bowl .

Close-up of The Trayness!

Close-up of The Trayness!




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