Turkey Pot Pie – TDay Leftovers Part II

8 12 2009
Homemade Turkey Pot Pie

Homemade Turkey Pot Pie

HOLY TACOS this was good! What do you do with left over turkey bits and a left over frozen pie crust after Thanksgiving? If you are lucky about a week after the fact you stand in your kitchen and go “holy taco: we should make a turkey pot pie!” Then you text the sous chef if it sounds good to her and she responds with “YES!” and we are off to another dinner and another post!

In what seems to be the theme of November and December I was busy Sunday morning so the sous chef headed to the farmers market alone to acquire the allotted ingredients for this pot pie recipe she found online.  I think she even went to the grocery store to get the celery that is WAY out season around here.  Anyway, armed with the veggies, frozen pie crust, leftover turkey, and our secret weapon (homemade turkey stock and meat  from VERY SAME TURKEY) we were ready to create a masterpiece.  Ok DorkMomentTM: as a biologist by training that last sentence made me very happy to know that our stock and meat where from the same bird so they wouldn’t reject each other.  Har har :/ Now moving on.

Pot Pie Ingredients

Top: Veggies! Bottom: Homemade Turkey Stock

So we followed the directions except we replaced 1 potato with a sweet potato, used thyme instead of parsley, put a bottom crust in to make a pie, and added 2-3 more tablespoons of flour to the liquid before we poured it into the crust.  Baked it for 30 minutes or so and out popped not only an amazing tasting pot pie but also a gorgeous looking pot pie! AMAZING!

Potpie Assembly

Top to Bottom: Filling the potpie, Filled potpie, Capped with crust, BEAUTIFUL finished product

Consider me back in the saddle again of cooking and posting! Although the sous chef deserves much of the praise as well because she did much of the prep/research work that made this dish possible. GO SOUS CHEF! And now the for the individual serving shot:

Single Served Pot Pie

Single Served Pot Pie

BONUS ROUND: So what do you do with leftover pie crust? After a quick google I rolled it out, spread some boysenberry jam on it, rolled it back up, sliced it into spirals, and baked. Behold!

Boysenberry Desert

Boysenberry Desert




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