Mini Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

8 11 2009

Tower o' cookies!

Awwww yeah… somebody pass me that delicious tower o’ cookies, right?! Everybody all together now: “You baked?!?”

It’s true, and your shock is completely warranted. I mean, the first obvious point of shock is that I had all the ingredients to bake cookies in my kitchen. (Point one for the Chef.) The second point of shock is that I actually utilized them.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been sick. As I was getting all geared up for a three day weekend, I apparently let my guard down and in crept… sinus pain. I’ve spent the last three (full) days in bed, and even today, though I’m feeling pretty okay, moving around a lot makes me tired and I subsequently have not left the house.

So I guess it was the boredom that led me to such insane levels of domesticity. I’ve already watched a dozen movies and played (and lost) about a thousand games of solitaire, and when you’ve run out of blogs to read, what else can you do?!


Who needs chocolate chips?!

This “recipe” was originally done by the Chef and his roommate – who decided to replace the chocolate chips with a tub of mini peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s. Of course they were insanely good, so I actually kept an eye out for them at TJ’s for awhile. Either they weren’t in stock or they were hidden – but I didn’t find them until just recently. I bought a container of them and put them in the cupboard for exactly this eventuality – that they’d become cookies.


This spoon was meant for cookies.

Incidentally, I feel it important to mention that this wooden spoon was meant for chocolate chip cookies. I took this spoon from my dad’s house recently, because I was moving into my own place and actually needed my own kitchen stuff. And when I started using it in my apartment I started seeing it, in my head, covered in dough and chocolate chips just like this. My mom made cookies with it all the time! So it’s finally achieved its destiny in Seattle, and it is to make me some damn cookies.



Unfortunately it was at this point in the story that Our Hero discovered her sense of taste was totally jacked from being sick. However, I do remember how awesome they were last time, hence the “it’s a winner!” tag for this post.




6 responses

9 11 2009
CN Heidelberg

Isn’t that the Koolaid stirring spoon?

9 11 2009

Yeah dude, kool-aid too! Probably also CINNAMON ROLLS.

10 11 2009

Kudos to you for baking while sick! I’m also happy to see the blog still going with The Chef away. FYI: I LOVE Brussels sprouts AND mushrooms – so if you need a dinner mate…

11 11 2009

:) gotta love the foraged & found stand at the farmer’s market! so many amazing shrooms!

11 11 2009

Good work! Those look amazing! I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t taste them. I hope they are better now :)

11 11 2009

they ARE better now – and i saved you some :D

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