Cinderella Pumpkin Continued

25 10 2009

Sous chef here, with part two of our pumpkin adventure!

Since making soup from a 13 pound pumpkin is quite an undertaking, we left the very small side project of roasting seeds for another day. I put them in a tupperware and stuck them in my fridge, and earlier this week I decided to go ahead and get them roasted!

We’d looked at a few seed-roasting recipes on the internet, knowing that in general roasting pumpkin seeds is pretty simple and doesn’t involve too many ingredients. One was still up in my browser, so I went with that one by default.

Pre-roasted pumpkin seeds.

Pre-roasted pumpkin seeds.

When we first cut open the pumpkin, we were pretty surprised at how few seeds we pulled out. (As it turns out, the Cinderella pumpkin is pretty much all “meat”.) As I took them back out to clean them, I ended up measuring and all told we had half a cup of pumpkin seeds. Not a lot, but enough to satisfy the craving for roasted pumpkin seeds.

The recipe I used called for boiling the seeds in salt water for ten minutes before baking them. 2 cups of water for every half cup of seeds, and 1/2 tablespoon of salt for every cup of water. So the seeds get salty BUT they don’t get salt all over your fingers when you eat them: brilliant!

These guys baked on the topmost shelf of the oven for about 18 minutes total – though I checked them every five minutes so as not to burn them. The recipe advises 10-20, to your preferred roasting level.

The enticing photo I texted to the chef.

The enticing photo I texted to the chef.

Once I pulled the seeds out of the oven to cool, I immediately took a photo with my cell phone and texted it to the chef as proof of my accomplishment!

The recipe I used gave us very solid, traditional pumpkin seeds: salty and delicious! In the event that I once again find myself roasting pumpkin seeds, I think I’ll get a little more creative with the spices and try my hand at “gourmet” pumpkin seeds.

Stay tuned for part three of the Cinderella pumpkin extravaganza!




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