Potato and Onion Salad with Smoked Albacore garnished with Hard Cooked Duck Eggs

20 10 2009
Potato and Onion Salad with Smoke Albacore

Potato and Onion Salad with Smoke Albacore

Simple! So simple the sous chef asked if she should keep cooking and realized that there was nothing more to cook after she started boiling the potatoes and eggs, and had cut the onions.  That was it. The smoked albacore tuna we found at the market flaked easily and was delicious on its own (in fact I like it better than smoked salmon!).  The onions and tuna got tossed with pear infused balsamic vinaigrette and salt. In fact it turns out we were supposed to add olive oil too, I just realized this while writing this post.  The word oil and olive are right next to each other in the directions. I omitted the olives on purpose but the oil must have gotten caught up in my mental filter! Good thing we have leftovers to right this with. Anyway, once the potatoes were done they were cubed and the arugula was ripped up. All this went into the bowl and viola! Salad! 2 duck eggs quarters to garnish and we were ready for photos and more importantly ready for eating.

How did it go despite my total omission of olive oil? Pretty darn good.  The onions were sweet walla wallas and I actually didn’t hate them. Normally the sous chef and I aren’t raw onion people but both of us found them quite yummy although our limit for them less than the other items in the salad.  The yellow finn potatoes we used were more crumbly than I expected but tender and creamy none the less.  The warm potatoes next to the cool onions and smoked tuna was really good.  Perhaps next time we will add the olive oil and see how it really is supposed to be.

Food post script – The sous chef wants me to highlight our egg cooking method: hard-cooked eggs vs hard boiled. Turns out to hard cook an egg you place it in cold water and once it starts boiling you remove it from the heat for a certain amount of time. In the case of chicken eggs the cookbook says 6-7 minutes and in the case of duck eggs 10-12 minutes.  Not only are duck eggs larger but the whites are contain more protein so they are a bit more solid than chicken eggs.  I love the taste of duck eggs but I’m not sure about them hard-cooked.  It took me 25 years to tolerate chicken egg whites so I’m not surprised that 3 experiences with duck eggs hasn’t been enough for me to really get myself around duck egg whites. Oh well.

Smoked Albacore

Smoked Albacore

Packaging from the duck eggs and smoked albacore tuna

Packaging from the duck eggs and smoked albacore tuna



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