Maple Bacon Waffles

16 10 2009
Bacon IN the Waffles

Bacon IN the Waffles

Honestly, I can’t believe I found a recipe for this idea.  In fact, it sounded similar to the ‘monkey brain’ biscuits my dad made a long time ago: they sound great on paper but in real life it should never be tried! (The monkey brain biscuits were the child of the thought “I put grape jelly on my biscuits when I eat them. Why not just put it on/in BEFORE I bake them.”  Great idea but the grey biscuits that looked like monkey brains were a bad, bad execution and thankfully never tried again!)  I thought for sure the ‘Bacon IN the waffles” idea I was having was along those same lines so I did what my dad couldn’t do all those years ago in the dark ages: asked the internet.  And what did it tell me? Not only had people done it before but they posted recipes and other people liked it.  That did it. We were doing it; IF I had bacon at home. Which I did.

So what can I say now that I’ve experience bacon in my waffles and not as a side dish?  Mostly “wow there is bacon in here!” We used 4 strips of thick bacon that I cut into chunks and then crumbled after that.  Some bits of bacon were small and others were rather large like the one in the photo above.  The variation made for a subtle and yet pronounced bacon experience with every bite of the waffle. Amazingly enough there wasn’t anything wierd about it nor really stand out about it. Literally there was just bacon in the waffle and that was that.  The waffle was still the right texture and flavor. The bacon was still crisp and a bit salty.  In fact the salt/sweet balance was probably the biggest addition to flavor.  These waffles already had some maple syrup in the batter but I could hardly taste it but I do wonder if it toned down the salty bacon some.  I added plenty of syrup as an aftermarket addition and it was great but the plain bacon-in-waffles were also really pleasant to just munch on by themselves.  Not AMAZING but I wasn’t craving anything like syrup, butter, or orange juice to go with them. Just munch, munch, munch. Mmmm waffle. Mmmm bacon.

So there you have it. Bacon in your waffle isn’t out of the question and it isn’t bad either.  So go for it and give it a shot and see how you like it. If you try it I’d be interested to hear your experiences/options of the buried bacon treasure in the carb heartland!



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