Apple Cider Search Part II – Rockridge Orchards

11 10 2009
Rockridge Orchard Cider

Rockridge Orchard Cider

This is my farmer markets standard yummy apple cider that stated the whole rivalry/throw down.  The only problem is today I bought the Strawberry Apple Ci der instead of the plain. However, I’m doubtful it will really sway my preference too much either way because I’ve had both varieties from Rockridge Orchard so much.

I think now its important to identify my personal apple cider scale and /or cider qualities I look for. I think there are 3 main qualities I look for in apple cider: 1) color, 2) pulp content, and 3) the liquid apple taste. One end of the scale is the standard apple juice of the grocery store that is light yellow, no pulp (and therefore is very clear), and tastes more like water than apple.  On the gold standard end, Hollmeyer’s cider is dark, dark brown, filled with apple bits and therefore is very opaque, and tastes like liquid apple.  I think for me where it goes from apple juice to cider is when the pulp content increases and appears less filtered.  This is more of an observation about my own preferences than it is scientific classification for the record.

So how does Rockridge stand up in my more formalized system? It is brown, starting to get opaque, and has a strong apple taste but not quite liquid apples yet.   I would say this ‘cider’ squarely straddles the juice/cider divide in my book leaning more towards a light cider.   Rockridge Orchard’s Cider is well worth drinking but it doesn’t have the body/pulp content that I think leads to the taste of my favorite apple cider.




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