Apple Cider Search Part I – Country Cider Mill

10 10 2009
Country Cider Mill Apple Cider

Country Cider Mill Apple Cider

Since my trip home I’m sort of inspired to look harder to see if any comparable apple cider exists here that challenges the local orchard at my parents.  I found this ‘local’ cider (its from Olympia, WA – 2 hours away) in my grocery store and decided to give it a try.

The first thing I noticed is that there was settling in the bottle. This is a good thing as my Gold standard for apple cider had it as well.  The color looked closer and the it was less transparent. All good things on the surface. So how did it fair in the taste test?

To sweet. The body was there and it was like drinking liquid apples; just very, very sweet liquid apples. To much for me. It says no sugar was added but I think the variety was probably different. I’ll keep looking.

**UPDATE: My back review of this cider using my ‘new’ rating system is as follows: The deep brown color and opacity is right on for the gold standard apple cider search and even the taste is strong like apples. BUT its still to sweet.  Evidentially when I say it has to taste like apples it has to taste like ‘not as sweet apples.’  This cider almost tastes like there is extra sugar in it even though there isn’t.  IF you like sweet apples and cider this one is for you, but I’ll keep looking. So close, so close.




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