What I’ve Been Eating While the Chef is Away

3 10 2009

You may have noticed the food blog is very, very quiet. No, it is not hunting rabbits. (Get it?!) Truth be told, the chef has been out of pocket for quite some time: first, six days at a conference, two days off, and now a long weekend in the Midwest.

It is as you feared: I, the sous chef, have been left to fend for myself.

There are a few successes amidst a few frozen pizzas that I can report to the food blog. First off, I was very proud of myself for having the flash of brilliance to up the ante on my box of Annie’s mac n cheese by adding a can of tuna. Instant protein, am I right?! I also managed, on a Sunday afternoon, to dice up and fry up a huge potato (from the farmer’s market!) for work lunches. I ate a lot of good old fashioned PB&J’s for lunches this past week. For the record: honey wheat bread from the nearest Great Harvest Bread Company, almond butter which is supposed to be a little better for the ol’ ticker (almonds have good cholesterol!), and boring strawberry jam not from anywhere special. STILL: delicious.

However, it is clear that my crowning achievement of the week MUST be this:

mmmm sammich

mmmm sammich

CHECK IT OUT! So, I had a few random slices of good ol’ American cheese – you know, the cheap kind – and the aforementioned loaf of bread. I also happen to have the good fortune of a produce stand right across the street (a good fortune I rarely capitalize on). I was walking past on my way home, and had some change in my pocket, and on a whim, I detoured through the veggie stand, dropped a whopping 50 cents on the most perfect avocado ever, and this glorious sandwich was born.

I fed myself two of these beauties over the course of last weekend – half an avocado per sandwich. And yes, I did use the honey wheat – but the honey is so subtle that once you slather on butter and melt cheese and fry it up, you can’t taste it at all. Yes, I dipped it in ketchup. It. Was AWESOME.

Last week/weekend, I was far more ambitious than I am now. (Yes, I call that ambitious.) I also have access to some things I didn’t have access to last weekend: when the chef left for his conference, I completely forgot to confiscate a few pickled items from his refrigerator. He has yet to post about the sour dill pickles we made, so I won’t say too much about them except that they’re getting on in age and this weekend I am eating as many as I can before their time is up. I also nabbed a jar of the pickled carrots.

this is totally nutritious i promise

this is totally nutritious i promise

Finally: the chef inherited a very, very large amount of “fancy cheese” from his conference, and I confiscated that too. I have no idea how long cheese lasts, only that it would take a large party with nothing else to eat to get rid of all this cheese. The only groceries I’ve bought so far included two boxes of crackers, to help me eat CHEESE. (Which is NOT good for the ol’ ticker – bad cholesterol!) You can see my pickled smorgasbord in the background. See… veggies… dairy… it’s totally solid eating.

But let us not forget the junk food! As an unhealthy eater, I intake a pretty solid chain of high-sugar items. Lucky for you, I also take pictures of them.

the pumpkin maple

the pumpkin maple

I introduce to you: the leaf shaped sprinkle. It would appear that this time of year I can only eat highly-sugary bakery goods that are topped with maple leaf shaped sprinkles. THIS beautiful cupcake comes from Cupcake Royale, and I highly suggest you eat one if you are anywhere near a Cupcake Royale. No, really.


breakfast is the most important meal of the day

For realz.



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4 10 2009
CN Heidelberg

The donut and cupcake are sooooooo cute!

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