Childhood City Market and Orchard Haul

3 10 2009
Findlay Market & Hollmeyer's Orchard Haul

Findlay Market & Hollmeyer's Orchard Haul

I’m visiting my parents this weekend and we went to two important places: 1) A Historic Market and 2) A local orchard.  The orchard we frequented as a kid and the apple cider there is to die for. It is basically drinking liquid apples.  Now, currently I live in an apple producing state and there is some nice apple cider they sell at our local farmers market but it can’t touch what my parent’s local, in the middle of suburbia, orchard produces.  It just can’t.  That isn’t to say somewhere there isn’t good cider but I haven’t found it yet. 

You can see the cider and the apples in the back of the photos. The cider is thick, smells like apples, dark in color, and unpasteurized.  It isn’t to sweet but it is hearty. 

The rest of the haul here is from the historic market I have never been to all my years growing up. So on the day of my arrival and after a nap my parents and I went off to explore it!  And we had a blast. My dad was like a kid in a candy store trying new things and buying everything to match.  Usually I am the instigator for trying all kinds of things but this time all I had to do was sit back and watch.  We came home with:

Sweet Potato Pie
New Red Potatoes
Green Grapes
Salt Rye Bread
Ciabbata Bread
Ground Sumac
Fresh Cottage Cheese
Roasted Turkey Leg (which was ironic we were making a whole turkey for dinner the next day)
Fresh Eggs
Fresh and Shelled Lima Beans
Goat Milk Gouda
Some other Cheese
Locally Roasted and Seasoned Beef
Locally Roasted Coffee
Pistachio Gelato

All in all most of the food was gone in the 2 days I was home and we had a blast. I hope my family goes back once in a while and I hope I can make it back too.  But for the cider?

I’m coming back. No worries.




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