Pickling Pt III: Kosher Dill

15 09 2009
Kosher Dill Pickles

Kosher Dill Pickles

Lets start off with “I’m Sorry” evidentially this post which is from 3 weeks ago never got written. I started one line and then my life deviated from cooking to scrounging for food at a conference and then a quick trip home.  So here we go.  We decided we wanted to try sour pickles as well.  Turns out they aren’t considered quick pickles so scratch my former ‘quick pickle only’ interest title.

I found this awesome recipeonline and bought some cukes at the market the least time I was there.  I don’t remember details now but we used some spices and dill and stuff like the recipe called for. :)  The crazy part is since they are sour they a) have no vinegar and b) have to ferment.  So we covered them and left them in the sous chef’s closet. Man in short order it was smelling like pickles! So the firsat day of testing came (you let them ferment ‘to taste’) and we opened them and…

There was some mold on top of pickles that weren’t submerged and the liquid was very cloudy.  Oh shit. We were a little uncertain on exactly how this was supposed to work so we put them in the fridge and went straight to the authority: the internet! After a bit of googling I determined that the cloudy was normal nad the mold we could probably remove and be ok. So we took the chance and bit into a pickle.

It was a pickle! We got scared though and stopped the fermentation that day when we think later we would have let it go another day or so.  Due to my schedule the sous chef has done most of the eating but I can say they are very yummy.




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