Salami and Cream Cheese Rolls

12 09 2009
I swear there is cream cheese in there!

I swear there is cream cheese in there! Photo credit: Sous Chef

Well the sous chef was taking me to a party and we needed to take a side.  For some reason I didn’t make deviled eggs; probably because the word make was in there. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and the sous chef was leaning towards a bag of chips.  I had a thing of cream cheese in my hand for our salmon sausages and somehow the idea of the salami rolls popped into my head.  The recipe is well established in the midwest where I come from it just occurred me to do it. So the sous chef agreed and I bought some salami.

After debating how much cream cheese to put in each roll (I was on the more side; the sous chef was on the ‘1/2 of what I would put on for me’ side) finally I got making them.  And I lined them up. And I started stacking them up like logs. And the next thing I know I am all about the pyramid.  I actually  re-engineered it so it would have 7 rolls on the bottom instead of the 10 I had.  This really reduced the number I needed to create ‘THE PYRAMID’. 



Which was lucky because at the end of it I only had 4 or so pieces of salami.  1/2 lb is about a pyramid with 7 as a base. Go figure. Anyway, they were a hit at the party. Some folks had never had them and thought they were the best idea, others just tried them, some dipped them in the mustard sauce.  At the end of the night there were only 3 left which I ate the next day.  I don’t think they were THE hit at the party but many more of them got eaten than the home made pickles we brought; so they were a hit among our food.




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