Golden Pepper and Yellow Tomato Soup

6 09 2009
Golden Pepper And Yellow Tomato Soup

Golden Pepper And Yellow Tomato Soup

 This soup was as hearty as it looked.  Made mostly of its name sake of yellow tomatoes and peppers this soup turned out so well the sous chef actually whole heartedly approved of a pepper based dish! That doesn’t happen often.  For once we didn’t have to roast the peppers which was nice and probably added to the sous chef’s pleasure.

The most complicated part of this soup was blanching the tomatoes to peel them. Its a step I usually skip because I’m lazy but I was reminded how easy it really is.  10 seconds in boiling water and the skins slipped right off.  We used 2 yellow heirloom tomatoes and 1/2 of a normal red tomato just to make it go away.  One of the stranger parts of the recipe is that once you blanch the tomatoes you use those same 2 quarts of water to cook the rice and then drain the water off of the rice and put it aside until serving time.  This pleased the sous chef because the rice wasn’t as soft as it is when it is cooked fully in the soup.  And for me I enjoyed straining rice out of water; I don’t do that much.

Back to the soup… An onion, some paprika, and 3 diced peppers were sauteed in the bottom of the soup pan until the onion was translucent.  Then the diced tomatoes, a pinch of saffron (I finally got to use mine!!!), some salt, and some water went in for a few minutes.  After that 4 cups of veggies stock was put in and left simmer for 25 minutes.  At first the soup looked really thin but as the tomatoes broke down and some of the water boiled up it thickened right up! By the time it was ready to eat it smelled delicious and reminded me of something I really liked although I couldn’t place that smell.

To serve I followed Ms. Madison’s suggestion and mounted up a pile of rice in the  center of each bowl and poured the soup around it and garnished with slivered basil. Then I took 35 photos of it while the sous chef finished hers before I got to eating mine.  

The paprika combination with the peppers gave it a slightly spicy flavor but certainly not overpowering.  The rice started soaking up what little broth there was until 15 minutes into my slow eating ritual it had changed to a thicker stew consistency.  The soup was very flavor with the tomatoes and peppers balancing each other very well.  It wasn’t like a red tomato soup at all and in fact was a bit more mellow on one hand but more pungent with flavor on the other.  According to the cookbook it lacks the acid of the red tomatoes and the bite of green peppers found at the peak of the summer season. I suspect that is what I was tasting but I honestly couldn’t tell you from my own taste buds.

Overall it was a great soup and one that works well both warm-hot and at room temperature which means hopefully I will be more likely to eat the leftovers than not.




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