A Big Tomato Sandwich

31 08 2009
A Big Tomato Sandwich - No Joke!

A Big Tomato Sandwich - No Joke!

FINALLY! This sandwich has been in the works for over a week now but we made a fatal mistake: buying a green heirloom tomato that was a little on the hard side.  Turns out it wasn’t quite ripe yet. And so we wait. For a week. And got a new loaf of bread. And took it out of the fridge. And waited 2 days. And finally it was yellow!!! And ripe! So on we went!
But before we go any further in today’s story let it be known that the sous chef cooked this one with an understudy sous chef of her own at her right hand! Now back to the normal narrative…
So if a recipe is called a Big Tomato Sandwich you expect at least tomatoes to be in but what else? First, a hollowed out round loaf of pain au levain from a local bakery.  Then a herb vinaigrette with fresh basil,parsley, and garlic with olive oil and pear infused white balsamic vinegar (recipe called for red wine vinegar).  We has intended to use oregano in place of the marjoram that I don’t have but couldn’t find it when the time came to mix it all up!
Next come the stratification of sandwich layers consisting of our yellow heirloom tomato, a red heirloom tomato and a wonderful spring goat milk cheese from the market.  It was a softer aged cheese  for around three months rather than a longer age for a harder cheddar type of cheese says the women/signs at the market.  We ended up omitting the roasted red peppers because we forgot to buy them or we already used them and honestly that was fine with us! I understand the task of assembling the sandwich involved alternating layers and brushing each layer with the herb vinaigrette until it was all filled up and topped off with the top of the bread! And in case you doubt the use of the word big in the recipe title I give you perspective:
Sandwich Stratification - Dagwood Style!

Sandwich Stratification - Dagwood Style!


 And was it worth it? YES! The sandwich had amazing flavor! The tomato and the cheese were wonderful together and the herb vinaigrette got used as a bread dip after we were done it was so tasty! Our guest was dipping in it like it was salsa! Hopefully our one left over slice will last well till tomorrow for lunch. And in case you needed more justification for using the word big try this:

Birds Eye View of Sandwichville

Birds Eye View of Sandwichville




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