Berry and Cream Cheese Tart

30 08 2009
My first Tart!

My first Tart!

I’ve never made a tart before.  So why today? Because I had pears.  Now that makes sense doesn’t it since there isn’t a pear in this post anywhere?! Well today we bought a 1/4 flat each of blueberries and raspberries on top of the 4 pears we have left from last weeks farmers market trip.  One of my cookbooks has a recipe for a hazelnut pear tart that looks amazing and I was considering making it but you have to poach the pears; and today that was enough to make me not want to do it.  So I was looking at other things and realized I had a ton a berries that needed to be eaten and were at the peak of their ripeness today! So why not put them in a tart? But I didn’t one to replace the pears as they needed to be used. So what happened next? I found a pear torte recipe.  One tart and one torte this week was enough to quell my fears about using all my fruit.

The Local Flavors cookbook has a recipe for the tart shell I used and I had fruit but I wanted something in between them so I turned to the trusted internet to find me this cream cheese tart filling recipe. Only two problems had to be over come now: 1) I don’t have a tart pan and/or a springform pan and 2) my roommate bought me herbed faked cream cheese instead of plain and that just wasn’t going to do with fruit.  The second was easy to fix with a trip to the grocery store the former was a bit more technically challenging. But all it took was a pie pan, tin foil, rice, and a cheese slicer to overcome the challenge.  I lined the pie pan with the tin foil and only pressed the dough up about a 1/2 inch on the side of the pin plate.   When all was said and done I was able to life the tart out of the pin pan using the foil and cheese slicer to slide it off the foil and onto the serving dish.  It was now a nice low profile tart as if it had come out of a spring form pan perfectly.

But what about the food part of this recipe?  Well the tart crust was simple but I used goat butter I had left over from a previous adventure and mixed all the dough by hand instead of with an electric mixer of any kind.  At first I was concerned about that I hadn’t added enough water to hold the dough together but my first instinct had the corner on the right market and it held its shape and tasted great.  The only problem with the dough was I couldn’t get the lip in the pie pan quite high as I had hoped.  But I cooked the tart crust using rice as weights.  I poured in the cream cheese filling but didn’t fill it as high as I should because I was concerned about it going over the top of the very short crust edge. But the filling cooked up good with only a minor scar when the broiler was involved trying to speed up the garlic bread we were cooking at the same time.  It set nicely and tasted great.  I covered the cream cheese custard filling with raspberries and blue berries shortly after it came out of the oven and served it.

And? Complete success! The berries rolled off because I didn’t glaze them on and the custard filling was a bit thin but the taste was great. The crust was flaky and crispy.  All in all a delicious tart!

The Whole Tart

The Whole Tart




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