Savory Eggplant “Jam” with Cumin and Coriander

23 08 2009
Eggplant Jam

Eggplant Jam

This recipe is one of those because I didn’t get to it fast enough plans.  We had seen a few eggplant based dips in the cookbook that looked good but they didn’t really fill the nitch of dinner so we passed on them.  Last week I had 4 eggplants (small, long, and lighter colored) left over that I was going to use to make the nuggets. However, they were a little squishy so I bought 4 more to cook and planned to use them in this “jam” which is really a dip/spread. 

Then a whole other week went by and they were now two weeks old.  On the soft side but since they were going to get mashed up anyway we went for it. We didn’t deviate from the recipe to much but by using the smaller eggplants the cooking times were dramatically reduced! It called for 15 minutes to brown both sides of the eggplant coins and I think ours took MAYBE 7 minutes.


Eggplant Coins in the Totall-Stick Pan

Eggplant Coins in the Totally-Stick Pan

I also used one non-stick pan which caused some of the coins to burn quite more past the browned phase but we used them all anyway! As you can see the eggplant was striped of some of its skin so about 1/2 was left on.  The sous chef didn’t actually have a veggie peeler but the cheese slicer she had totally worked!   It was about the time the eggplant started to blacken that the sous chef rushed in to save the day! First she found the spatula which was hiding in her kitchen while I walked around looking for it with a pan of burning eggplant in my hand.  Then she dropped what she was doing to get the garlic and the cilantro prepped and ready to go.  I thought I was going to have a few minutes to prepare those myself but I was wrong! So after everything was browned the crushed garlic, cumin, and coriander went into the pan with some water.  The eggplant got mashed with a fork and mixed all around with the spices.  This was another let it cook for 15-30 minutes that took ours about 3 because it was pretty much cooked and mashed already.  A tablespoon or so of lemon juice and a few tablespoons of cilantro went it.  It all got mixed up and salt and peppered to taste.  I actually ended up adding more cumin and coriander somewhere in there as well.

Since this is actually for tonight we tasted it but didn’t really eat it all yet.  On the surface it tastes good and goes well with the salty tortilla chips we have.  The real test will be tonight but there is great hope for it.



One response

18 10 2009

mmmm, you win chris, this was really good. Mine tasted almost at much like olive oil as like eggplant or cumin (not that that’s a bad thing).

and mine browned quickly enough, and took forever to cook down…maybe mine we’re ripe enough.

Also, my word(s) of advice, don’t skip the fresh lemon!

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