Apricots Baked in Parchment

23 08 2009
Baked Apricots

Baked Apricots

Simple. Elegant. Yummy. And easy if you don’t smash them before you start! We bought 6 apricots at the market today to bake and by the time we got to baking them only 2 had survived gravity. So sadly we had to resort of buying some more from the fruit stand across the street from the sous chef’s apartment. 

The recipe was basically half the apricots, sprinkle with sugar, butter, and lavender and bake in a parchment paper packet.  The hardest part was trying to figure out what the recipe meant when it was giving directions on how to close the parchment paper around the apricots. In the end I just went the calzone route and called it a day.

The small apricots we got at the market were  much tarter than the larger ones we got at the fruit stand. Other than that they all were very flavorful and the texture was cooked just enough to be warm but still slightly firm.  The lavender added a nice flavor to them and the melted butter was the hit among the sous chef.  Overall they were really good and exciting to use apricots so much this week. Especially since I’ve basically never cooked them before in my life.




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