Sweet Corn Chowder with Tomato and Basil

17 08 2009
Sweet Corn Chowder with Tomato and Basil

Sweet Corn Chowder with Tomato and Basil

This is a classic didn’t quite read the whole recipe before I leaped.  This time it wasn’t detrimental though! I picked this one because it had corn in it and sounded good. I picked up 4 ears of corn, one heirloom tomato, basil, and green onions from the market.  I already had extra green pepper from last week, extra onion from last week and with that I was ready to go.  Oh I almost forgot I got the potatoes from my roommate who grew them on our tiny porch in a big tupperware container. No joke. GO ROOMMATE!

Anyway.  So my lack of reading was in the tomato. I bought a fairly large tomato because I was thinking you can’t have to many tomatoes when it comes to a soup.  Well it can if you are only using it for garnish and it isn’t the base of the soup! Opps! We were supposed to have 1/2 cup of tomato and we ended up with about 1.5. Luckily, we decided to make another soup in the same night but it would have been ok anyway!

Lets start with the reviews first: FANTASTIC! This soup was great, I ate an entire bowl after cooking 2 pots of soup, corn bread, and doing dishes.  Normally by this time my uncooperative stomach has kicked in and I eat very little.  Not this time. I ate my entire bowl which really says something for it. It has great falvor and body. The chowder wasn’t to thin nor was it like stew. The last bite was just the right combination of liquid and corn to fit on one spoonful. Just delightful in texture.  The tomato, basil, green onion garnish added a nice flavor to it but the soup entirely stood on its own (which is good because we had more left over soup than we did left over garnish!)

I’m totally excited to eat the leftovers!




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18 08 2009

HAHA you said delightful!!

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