Extra Summer Vegetable Soup

17 08 2009
The photogenic side of the soup.

The photogenic side of the soup.

One thing I’ve gotten better about over this past year is using the extra veggies. You know the extra carrots when you only need 2 out of 6 from the bunch, etc.  The kohlrabi I had other plans for that I just didn’t do. In the past not using veggies was one of my biggest downfalls in my home cooking. And honestly it still is. I made a huge effort to buy veggies for specific meals because I do actually use them that way. Or most of them anyway.  But those extra veggies used to always go bad in my fridge and end up in the worm bin.  But this year I’ve actually been finding things to do with them, doing it, and they aren’t turning out all that bad.  This soup is one of those meals. 

This one started with the sous chef going to boil 4 floppy multicolored carrots from the market last weekend.  I had intended to use them in a spur of the moment salad but I left that lettuce go bad and the salad ship had sailed. So the carrots just got floppier.  But at the same time she was getting ready to do that I discovered I had to many tomatoes, basil, green onions, etc left over from the last soup and so we decided to make soup anyway. We also had used the last of the bouillon cubes I stole from roommate because I already used all my veggie soup base I usually have around.

So we made this soup with no base and from scratch and it turned out pretty good.  Our plan is to freeze it and thaw it sometime in the winter to serve to friends or something.  So what did we do?

I sauteed some fresh garlic and the rest of the green onions in olive oil for a bit. Then I filled the pot with water and let it boil. I added the extra cup or so of heirloom tomatoes; juice, seeds, and all. And about 5 tomatillos we had left over from 2 weeks ago and some extra shallots I had around.  I let those boil for a while and then we put it sliced carrots, quartered baby turnips, and slice kohlrabi.  The tomatoes were boiling down into an ok base but I decided to throw about a Tablespoon and a half of some home mixed chili powder in to add some flavor.  It might have been to much :/  I let that boil for a few minutes and then put in 3/4 cup of dry Jasmine rice. I envisioned the end soup to be a little more on the thick/stew side than the broth-y side and the rice would do the trick.  Eventually I turned off the heat and threw a handful of fresh basil and cilantro and stirred it up.  To compensate for the extra heat from the chilies I threw in a tablespoon of soy sour cream. 

At that point I took a photo and it was still a bit on the liquid side but when I came back after eating dinner tonight that rice had soaked up a lot of the juice and it was a nice thick stew like soup!  We added some salt and pepper and our taste tests indicate it is pretty good. We will have to see how tomorrow we feel about it but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out given we had no base and no plans.  And we used the veggies. Even if they didn’t turn out perfect its more than I had done in the past. Progress.




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