Summer Squash++ Bread

9 08 2009
You can see the squash and the carrots...

You can see the squash and the carrots...

This one was the sous chef’s idea.  She was cutting up some lovely squash for our fried rice and wondered outloud if we could make bread out of it like zuchinni.  I didn’t really want it all to go into the fried rice so I jumped on the idea. After some googling I found this recipe.  Originally we kept out 1 cup of shredded squash and planned to make a 1/2 recipe. 

Than the ++ part of the recipe happened. We had more shredded carrot than we needed. And more corn kernels than we needed. Obviously these all needed a home in bread too! So we uped the recipe to a full one and threw them all in.  The dough was much thicker than I expected and MUCH sweeter.  It tasted like chocolate chip cookie dough almost only better because of the cinnamon.  The veggies once folded in almost ruined it :/ But not really.  We poured it all into a bread pan and set the timer for 40 minutes….. 2 hours later it is done.  And huge! We clearly filled the pan to much and should have split it between two bread pans.  Oh well.

So moist! This bread is slightly sweet and very mosit.  It is going to be great with some butter for breakfast in the morning. I can’t really cut a piece off of it very well as the bread knife just sort of makes the hard parts rip off of the soft interior.



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12 08 2009

I’m not much for zucchini bread but this I could do! Looks not scary at all : )

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