Chicken and Market Veggies Fried Rice

9 08 2009
Fried Rice

Fried Rice

What do you get when you have a chef that has wanted Fried Rice all week? Fried rice is what you get! I based this fried rice off of this online recipe.  Basically I added chicken tenders cut up more and lots of veggies from the market! Lets see we added carrot, corn, baby turnips, purple bell pepper (which turned white), and frozen green peas I found at the last minute.  The only changes I made were I used veggie broth instead of chicken broth and I think by adding 3x the amount of veggies I didn’t add enough soy sauce at the end. I added an extra tablespoon but I think I needed one more. 

Overall? It was great! It made a ton of food and the left overs will be easy to eat.  This did exactly what I had hopped for!

Quantity Shot

Quantity Shot




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