Goat Cheese Pizza and Unclaimed Beans Stir-Fry

5 08 2009
This really hit the spot....

This really hit the spot....

The chef had planned to do a redux of the goat cheese tortillas from the night before but on his way home from class all his brain could yell was PIZZA! So I picked the sous chef up and off to Trader’s Joe we went.  I used the Herb Pizza dough from Trader Joe’s and found a pre-shredded bag of goat cheese mozzarella!!!! Usually I shred goat cheese gouda or cheddar which is good but it also takes some elbow grease to shred.  This was already shredded and it was very welcomed this night.  Oh I also got some salami.

The pizza was assembled from the herb dough, spaghetti sauce (left over), goat milk mozzarella, goat milk chevre (left over), tomatillos (left overs), and diced salami. It was AWESOME!  It hit the spot, tasted like pizza, and didn’t make me to sick.  One of the tricks I’ve found with Trader Joe’s dough is to precook the dough for 8-10 minutes before adding the toppings.  It lets the dough cook all the way through without me freaking about over cooking the toppings.  That last part is probably not a worry of most people but for some reason I don’t like REALLY melty cheese and so I don’t cook there often.  Its pushing my comfort of cooking. Oh well.

The beans were of similar fate in that they were not cooked yet but were extra that weren’t used in earlier recipes.  I believe we had dragon beans, yellow wax beans, green beans, shelling peas, and maybe one more something.  Basically they were stir fried with some garlic and then I put some soy sauce and Worcester sauce on them.  They were also good but not quite as good as the pizza.




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