Soft Taco with Roasted Green Peppers and Goat Cheese

4 08 2009
Soft Taco... yuuuuuum.

Soft Taco... yuuuuuum.


This recipe was really simple.  First roasted and de-skin a few green peppers.  This was the hardest part as the peppers we bought didn’t have a lot of meat to them so sometimes pulling off the skin pulled to much flesh with it.  We also probably didn’t roast them long enough to make the skins slip off like they should.  The next “step” pretty much gets us ready to eat:heat up a tortilla in a pan, add a layer of peppers, add chevre, and I added some diced tomatillos to boot.  Heat and fold the tortilla over and server.  I happen to have some mango & papaya salsa from Trader’s Joe that I served with them.

So good! The chevre had softened just enough to offset the crunchy tortilla. The tomatillos added a nice zing to the soft tacos with the salsa adding just a little bit of sweet to the whole package.




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