Chilled Sun Gold Tomato Soup

2 08 2009
Chilled Sun Gold Soup

Chilled Sun Gold Soup

Deborah Madison knows her shit.  This soup really is a simple soup my only mistake was not listening to Ms. Madison when she said it was a good appetizer soup when I tried to serve it as a main course (that is what I get when I don’t really fully read stuff before I make plans for it!)  I’ll get to why in a minute.

So what is in the soup? The base is a shallot and 2 pints of sun gold tomatoes basically boiled down, strained, and chilled.  Its the orange part you see.  The “garnish”, which in Ms. Madison’s recipes pull everything together and just happen to look good doing it in the process and are necessary, is olive oil, vinegar, a shallot, a serrano chili, basil, and diced avocado tossed all together and placed in the middle of the bowl before serving.   That’s it.

The soup was exactly as advertised: sweet and tart! And that is exactly why it was great in small quantities but wasn’t quite filling enough for a full meal.  Luckily, I had a few straggling potatoes I boiled and mashed as course #2 this evening.  All in all the soup was fantastic but with the tang and slight heat of the chili I couldn’t eat a whole dinner portion worth.  A nice small miso soup bowl size would be great in front of so many other foods. And I think it would be lovely served next to a crunch bread dish like bruschetta as appetizers it was a little to much and a little to little at the same time to be a meal unto itself.



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