Melon and Cucumber Aqua Fresca

26 07 2009
Aqua Fresca

Aqua Fresca

This one was….interesting.  It started along the lines of the farmers market blog said cantaloupes were in season and I had a cucumber at home I needed to use.  And honestly it sounded delicious on a hot summer day which today and the past few days certainly have been!

The cantelope from the market was awesome. Super fragrant, orange, juicey and very flavorful so my hopes for this drink kept growing.  Then into the blender went the cucumbers and melon. This is where I think the drink starts to go down hill.  One word: chunks.

I don’t think I blended it enough.  The sous chef and I decided this would be fine and moved on.  Added the lime juice (maybe to much), simple syrup (maybe not enough), and a handful of diced mint leaves.  And left it to chill in the fridge. 

When serving it you mix it with sparkling mineral water and serve.  When the mineral water went into the jug it totally looked like a science experiment as it bubbled up but the colorful liquid stayed down in a beaker like container it was in.

 The taste was pretty good and refreshing but the chunks just sort of got in the way.  Eventually I re-blended it all much smoother including the mint chunks and it tasted much better.  So we will see how we do drinking it over the next couple of days in the remixed phase.



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