Warm Corn Custard with Raspberries

25 07 2009


Corn flavored custard? Really? YES! So this recipe was picked for two reasons: 1) It would allow me to use raspberries in not a pie fashion so I could justify buying a half flat of them and 2) it has corn in it which was not only at the market but ALSO the sous chef’s favorite food group.  The biggest challenge with this recipe was figuring out how to cook the custard when I didn’t have proper custard dishes.  The recipe called for about 50 minutes of baking in real custard dishes and I was concerned how long it would take to set if I did it in a larger pan.  So what do I do? Use muffin tins and a cake pan! We will get to that in a second.

So anyway this recipe was exiting too because I got to use a part of a whole vanilla bean I had at my place. It starts off with almost 2 cups of milk and a 1/3 pod of vanilla stepping together for a bit.  I used goat milk to help lessen the blow to my dairy allergy and off we went. Next, you take the corn and blend it together with a bit of flour and then the hot milk mixture.  That all gets blended and strained. Than some eggs get beaten and the corn-milk mixture is mixed with that and strained again.  Than it just gets poured into cups and baked in the oven to set! I’ve made other custards that just seemed way more difficult than this one so it was a pleasant surprise.  So how did the muffin tins work you ask? Pretty darn well!

"Custard Cups"

"Custard Cups"

So the funny thing about using the muffin tins is that they had to be sitting in hot water in the oven.  The recipe calls for custard cups to be set in a pan of hot water. Not to hard when each cup moves on its own.  So I found that my muffin tin, at least those 8 holes, not only fit into the cake pan but also would stay level that way.  Staying level was important for the custard to not be invaded by the hot water.  I filled them up, and put a whole TON of hot water into the cake pan and into the oven they went.  Because the muffin cups were so shallow the custard went a lot farther and I ended up with extra and actually had to fill a “fancy” cup with the custard and make its own hot water bath.  Any way the muffin tin ones cooked faster than expected and so they didn’t have the dime size unset center like they were supposed to but instead had a uniform crustier top.  See..

Custard with Crust

Custard with Crust

The one in the fancy little bowl cooked a bit slower but also had the solid top.  I was going to use it for the pretty picture but the muffin tin ones came out so nicely and I could get a side of shot them I went with that.  The raspberries were tossed with some brown sugar and just served on top the custard. And how was it? EXCELLENT with a hint of corn.




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27 07 2009

Ok, the dishes you “whip-up” are culinary feats! I’m interested in attempting this recipe and am further intrigued by the more recent entry involving ginger biscuits. Very inventive! And versatile- I think these could easily be modified to be either gluten free or vegan as well : )

27 07 2009

Hey Megan just to make sure we are on the same page… Many of the recipes I “whip up” are actually from cookbooks :) And in this case from a cookbook about cooking from a farmers market. If you look in the tags of the post it will tell you what cookbook and/or what the sourece of the recipe is!!!!!

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